Meet Patty Fiorelli
Owner at USA Karate Academy in Green Brook, NJ
5th Degree Black Belt

Patty Fiorelli, Owner of USA Karate Academy, is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do & has trained under several instructors in PA & NJ over the past 30 years.  As a parent of 4 girls, Ms. Patty is passionate about teaching all children to be confident, disciplined members of society with outstanding character & the ability to defend themselves.

Since 2001, Ms. Patty has brought her background in Child Psychology & Child Development to the martial arts at USA Karate Academy.  She is also a certified ADHD Coach which enables her to train all Instructors in the most effective methods of working with students who experience the challenges of focus & attention.  

Ms. Patty’s background in Human Resources & Management Training, enable her to offer topics of interest to the older students such as goal setting, time management,& managing multiple priorities.
Ms. Patty is dedicated to having USA Karate Academy be unlike other martial arts schools, by offering family-friendly martial arts instruction with a focus on developing the life skills of confidence, discipline, focus & respect of top priority. While learning the most popular style of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do as a sport and as a method of self-defense, Ms. Patty’s goal for all students is to be the best martial artist & person they can be, not to compete with someone else.

Meet Wes Hortillas
Owner at USA Karate Academy in Green Brook, NJ
4th Degree Black Belt

Wes Hortillas – Head Instructor/Staffing & Operations Director  – Mr. Wes has been with USA Karate Academy for 8 years and has been training in Tae Kwon Do for 23 years; he currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt.

Mr. Wes is highly regarded by all of the students & parents at USA Karate Academy, not just for his exceptional martial arts skills, but his ability to effectively communicate with students at all belt ranks and all ages helping them maintain enthusiasm & motivation in their training.  Mr. Wes teaches all Programs at USA Karate Academy from Little Ninjas up to TKD 12 & Up. 

Mr. Wes runs the Belt Acceleration Camp Program, as well as, all Black Belt Challenges preparing a student for their Black Belt Testing.

Mr. Wes is responsible for all Staffing at the school, as well as, student progress in terms of communicating with parents and scheduling them for testings.

Meet John Malamug
Owner at USA Karate Academy in Green Brook, NJ
3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Jon Malamug – Head Instructor – Mr. Jon has been with USA Karate Academy for 7 years and has been training in Tae Kwon Do for 23 years; he currently holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt.

Mr. Jon  teaches students in all programs, but primarily is focused on the Masters’ Club students & TKD 12 & Up program.

All of our students & parents appreciate Mr. Jon’s passion for the martial arts & his insightful perspectives regarding expectations for students.  His workouts prepare students for their next level and he has earned the respect of all parents, students & staff members.

Meet The Instructors
Owner at USA Karate Academy in Green Brook, NJ

Instructors –  USA Karate Academy is very proud to have additional Instructors on Staff that have been training with us for 7 or more years each.  These students/Instructors have successfully completed the Instructor Training Program and are now paid Staff members.  Their high skill level, as well as, their ability to work with children of all ages makes  them a valuable part of our Team.

  • Mackenzie Parkinson
  • Keith Erickson
  • Ryan Long
  • Kevin Staib
  • Matthew Spazian

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