From Character Development to Crucial Life Lessons

Young Champions Martial Arts Is The First Step On Your Child’s Personal Development Journey!

We Understand The Difficulties Parents Face In Raising A Child And Design Lessons To Target These Challenges.

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Beginner Young Champions

Our Beginner Young Champions Programs are for children ages 5 – 11 and are white/orange/yellow belts. Our convenient schedule for parents includes this age range so siblings are in the same timeslot however, we group students by age when they arrive – Age 5-7, Age 8-10 & 11 & Up.

This is a “no contact” program as students need to learn & develop a skill set in tae kwon do before they can safely & effectively practice with a partner.

When a student graduates from the Young Champions Program & they are ready to learn how to APPLY all of the knowledge & skills they have learned, they are promoted to the Black Belt Club Program which is considered an Intermediate Program at our school.

Ms. Patty, the Owner & Mr. Wes, Head Instructor must approve & recommend all students before the enter the Black Belt Club Program.

In addition to the convenient scheduling & grouping of ages within classes, students at this age require a bit more independence in their training and that is provided with opportunities to lead stretches, demonstrate skills for the class & more. We use top notch equipment & a rotating lesson plan system so even if your child attends classes 3-4 times a week, the lesson will never be the same! Students learn techniques in many different ways & by varying the instruction their interest level remains high!

Students participate in age appropriate gross motor activities that work their developing muscles while encouraging them to get the “mental workout” required to learn martial arts too.

Our Young Champion students learn respect, develop confidence by setting & achieving both short & long term goals and are rewarded for becoming disciplined & focused with their training. Very often a student will earn “double stripes” for a class when they demonstrate the ability to maintain attention to the Instructor and follow directions, try their best & be respectful. Our very structured system of curriculum & earning belt ranks will teach your child the important life skills of setting short & long term goals such as mastering a technique or earning a new belt rank.

We Often Encounter Young Champions Who Have:

  • Amazing personalities but are just too shy and reserved to share it with the world.
  • Incredible gifts but low self esteem that holds them back from their true potential.
  • Big dreams but not enough courage or ambition to chase them.
  • Intelligent minds but difficulty focusing due to short attention spans or conditions such as ADD and ADHD.
  • Tons of energy but they put it towards video games, TV, and other “digital dangers” that keep them glued to the couch.

More Than Just Martial Arts

Discover the Transformative Powers Martial Arts Our Program Has on Children

Develops Character and Humanity

We all want our Young Champions to change the world and make an impact on future generations. Through a focus on aiming and achieving goals, we teach Young Champions to shoot for the stars and incrementally chase goals step-by-step. All while instilling values such as self-control, confidence, empathy, respect, humility, and discipline. ​

Rewards Unbelievable Listening Skills

By learning the value of respect and humility, Young Champions learn to listen attentively to their elders. It starts with an eagerness to learn all the cool moves and “tricks” they see their friends doing but once they realize what they can accomplish by simply paying attention they begin listening in other areas of life as well. Soon your child will value the instruction of family and teachers taking lessons straight to heart. ​

Encourages Teamwork and Socialization

Nothing unites Young Champions better than sharing a common interest. We teach children to work together to better each other and accomplish great things. Bullying or competition in any form is frowned upon and each child learns to embrace each other’s differences. ​

By putting electronics aside, Young Champions begin to appreciate the present and interact with each other in a way unseen in today’s digital world. This alone is often our greatest accomplishment in many cases.

But How Is This Possible?

It’s not magic or some secret ancient wisdom, as cool as that would be. All it really comes down to is our philosophy and commitment in developing the “whole” student as opposed to simply teaching a specific skill.

We strive to raise our students to new heights in not just martial arts but also in overall health, character, discipline, confidence, development, and socialization. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that “magic” ingredient is, but our combination of a flexible weekly schedule, accommodating approach, and focus on character development just seems to resonate with our students and their families.

A Culture Of Growth

Martial Arts isn’t just an overnight solution. It’s a journey of continuous self-improvement.

Yes your child will likely see dramatic changes in the beginning, but the real power is in their future knowledge and growth.

Each additional class not only helps your child feel healthier, it adds a sense of discipline and purpose to your child’s life as we continue to teach important life lessons and values.

True Sense Of Discipline and Leadership

No longer will you have to worry about whether or not your child is on the right path in life. We know how much effort you place in raising your child to follow your lead and avoid negative influences such as peer pressure, the internet, and practices of other Young Champions.

Our top priority is guidance and offering your child not only support, but the structure and discipline to value the wisdom of parents and teachers.

With a focus on character development and inner strength, we encourage children to not only follow your lead, but to also make meaningful, responsible decisions of their own.

Protection From Dangers And Threats

We teach children that most situations can be dissolved (resolved) by seeking out an authority such as a parent or teacher and thoroughly explaining the situation. We never want to see Young Champions use their Martial Arts skills in the outside world, but we also believe understanding how to respond to a threat is crucial in today’s society.

Our students understand that Self-Defense is a last resort and know how to quickly escape a dangerous situation when necessary.

Activity and Fitness

Young Champions today get less exercise than ever. With screens and devices constantly capturing attention, it’s incredibly important that Young Champions get the exercise they need to develop.

We use fun activities, challenges, and games to make sure your child completes a full exercise routine while also having a ton of fun! These exercises develop your child’s mind and body while putting energy towards a fun and healthy activity.

This practice of regular exercise not only leaves Young Champions excited for their next session, it creates a powerful habit that develops into a healthy lifestyle as your child grows older.

Socialize and Bond With Other Students

One of our top priorities here at our school is getting students to put down their phones and connect with the world around them.

We show Young Champions how much they miss when they’re glued to their phone as we bond over a fun, rewarding activity.

Parents often notice their children talking more, socializing with other Young Champions, and listening to advice and instructions better as they’re no longer glued to their digital devices.

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Is Martial Arts Dangerous?

Although any sport or activity has some risk involved, our team of certified instructors follow safety protocols to ensure a safe and supportive environment for our students. In fact, unlike sports which has one adult supervising an entire team, we have multiple instructors monitoring a room at all times making sure everything runs smoothly. We understand that each student has their own unique limits and we encourage rest and feedback during exercise.

Is Martial Arts Violent?

Martial Arts is often depicted as a violent activity but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The mindset behind martial arts involves harmony, peace, tranquility, and connection to the body. The majority of training circles around movement and energy. We teach Young Champions how to talk through conflicts and seek the guidance of an adult with the authority to help. However, if an unavoidable violent situation arises in your child’s life, they now have the tools to fend off the attack and safely escape the situation.

Does my child need to be athletic to benefit from martial arts?

Our classes are tailored towards accommodating students regardless of their weight, age, abilities, or energy levels. Astonishingly, many of our students have tried sports and other athletic activities only to realize it’s not for them. Martial arts is often a sanctuary in these cases as competition is eliminated and each student only attempts what they feel comfortable doing.

How can Martial Arts prepare my child for life?

Other than training children in conflict resolution and self defense, martial arts also instills essential life skills like discipline, honor, confidence, and respect. The process of goal setting and working towards moving forward is extremely rewarding and causes a major shift in maturity.

What if my child doesn’t like it?

With any new activity, it’s common to face some resistance in the beginning. We make great efforts to keep classes fun and lighthearted but at the end of the day it’s also an educational experience. We encourage parents to give us a few sessions to get through to new students but in the event your child wants to cancel, we offer a full money back guarantee.