Reasons Parents Choose Martial Arts as an After-School Program

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An after-school program like sports and musicals can be beneficial in their own way, but martial arts for kids has really special advantages that other after-school activities just don’t offer. It’s about fitness with a purpose and helping your child become the absolute best version of themselves, inside and out. We gathered up our top 5 reasons why Green Brook parents choose martial arts for kids and some of them may surprise you! Read on to find out more.


Reason 1: Martial Arts for Kids Helps Kids Focus

after-school programIf you’re like the majority of modern parents, you may have noticed that a lot of kids struggle with focus and concentration. Some of the issues here have to do with just being a kid whose brain is still developing, some of it has to do with shortened attention spans with increased screen time, and some of it can be genetic for kids with attention issues.

There’s good news, though. A lot of students with attention problems see massive improvement with an after-school program. Why? Well, martial arts for kids is actually about way more than just punches and kicks. It’s a tool that we use to develop character and build incredible life skills. Our instructors are like ninjas, sneaking in quick games and activities to build focus over time. But aside from games, the act of martial arts itself requires discipline too.

To master the physical moves, kids need to sit still, listen to their instructor, and concentrate on how to coordinate their bodies and minds. Once they’ve done this, our instructors use positive reinforcement to continually praise them for paying attention. Soon, the students understand the connection between receiving positive feedback and staying focusedand they start to see great results. This ultimately helps them achieve better grades and become more confident, which you’ll read about in Reasons 2 and 3.


Reason 2: Better Grades are Possible with Martial Arts for Kids

after-school programYes, it’s true. An after-school program can help your child achieve better grades. How, you may ask? Here’s the breakdown. Through a combination of consistent practice and fun games and activities, we teach them how to improve their focus and attention skills. With this newfound focus, our students become more “indistractable.” They have better control of their bodies and can pay attention more easily, meaning they squirm less in their seats in class and can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Improved focus means improved listening, so the information is sticking better, and they can sit down to complete their assignments with a higher quality of concentration. And, because they’re retaining more information, they’re able to recall better on tests and quizzes, they’re scoring higher because of this heightened recall and voila, better grades! It is that simple and it does work!


Reason 3: Martial Arts is an After-School Program that Builds Confidence

Preschool Martial ArtsBelieve it or not, sometimes your child’s after-school program can lead to a decrease in confidence because they’re comparing themselves to others on their sports team or in their debate club. If your child isn’t especially athletic or they’re particularly shy, it can be difficult to find an after-school program where they don’t have to worry about letting the team down or being self-conscious in front of others.

Martial arts is great for this particular kind of child because it’s an individual sport in a group setting, so our students are focused on their progress and their growth. They learn how to compare themselves not necessarily to others, which can be a losing game, but to the previous versions of themselves to progress and achieve. In this way, our students can see in real-time how awesome it feels to set goals and get goals, and they can understand the discipline and perseverance it takes to become successful. Those are skills they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives.

Another perk is that your child can learn to support their fellow students and be a cheerleader for another person’s accomplishments. This is one of the best things about teaching martial arts to kids. Seeing the way that our kids become friends and cheer each other on. For those who have low self-esteem or just feel down about themselves, getting that support from both their instructors and their peers can be very gratifying and even start a lifelong path of confidence and happiness.


Reason 4: Our Martial Arts Instructors are Positive Role Models

after-school programMost after-school programs are about a result, the show in Drama Club, the games in sports. This is where martial arts after-school program most different from other programs. Achieving a new belt rank is not our sole focus. Remember how martial arts is a tool for self-development? Pairing that with the individual nature of the sport, our instructors can hone in on each student and help them progress along their unique journey.

Our kids then begin to look to our instructors as positive role models and our instructors are more than qualified to fill the role! They have dedicated their lives and careers to bonding with the kids and encouraging them through positive reinforcement, positive self-talk, and a focus on progress, not perfection.

The great thing about the Karate after-school program as a whole is that every black belt was once a beginner, so every instructor teaches with integrity. They know what it’s like to be frustrated or upset, but they also know how valuable it is to keep going! We always show our students how to get back up and keep going no matter what, and how to stay humble no matter how far they progress. That double lesson of perseverance and respect is just not as common in other after-school programs.


Reason 5: It’s Just Fun!

The fifth reason is that martial arts for kids is just fun! Our awesome instructors make each after-school lesson fun and engaging. Our classes are all about non-stop activity. We break each class into different sections to keep kids interested and continually learning in these critical years of growth and development.

Fun activities and games also help our students connect fitness and positive emotion, a connection that will reward them for the rest of their lives. All of this focus on fun is also a way for our instructors to sneak those life skills, like focus, confidence, and discipline, into each lesson. The kids don’t even know they’re getting the benefits of after-school program, they’re too busy having a blast! Try out our kids martial arts classes to see the difference!